Boating Affordability

Boating is affordable and there’s a boat for every age, lifestyle and budget.

  • Most people don’t realize how affordable boating is: in some instances, you can buy a brand new boat financed for around $250.00 a month, like a car. Check with your accounting professional for more details.
  • Boats provide tax deductible and cost effective second homes. Interest on a boat loan can be deducted if the boat has a galley, berth and head.
  • Visit a boat show to see what boating products are available and line up the best deals.


  • The typical boater only operates his or her vessel about 75 hours a season.
  • Nearly 95 percent of boats on the water today are under 26’ in length. These crafts do not require exorbitant amounts of gas, so any impact would be negligible.
  • In fact, 64 percent of boaters say they purchase less than fifty gallons of gas per season—roughly two trips to the gas station to fill up your SUV or Minivan. (NMMA/RMRC, July 2005)
  • Boating isn’t an activity like driving where you are using gas all the time. In fact, when a person is boating, they may be fishing or swimming and not using the motor at all.
  • Higher fuel prices present a marginal increase in the operating cost of your boat. For owners of $500,000 boats that use 100 gallons in a weekend, a 50 cent increase in gasoline means that a weekend of fun on the water will cost $50 more, while owners of smaller boats that use 20 gallons of gas will end up spending $10 more on gas. The small increase in operating cost isn’t expected to limit boaters’ time on the water.


  • Boat insurance costs vary by boat length and type, cost of the boat and level of coverage.
  • Consult your insurance agent for quotes or compare rates online. Some smaller boats can be insured for a nominal sum as a rider on a homeowner’s policy.
  • You can reduce the cost of marine insurance premiums by taking a boater’s education course.


  • For owners of larger boats, and owners of small boats who crave convenience, a marina slip is the best way to go. Visit our docks page for up-to-date rates >> Dock Slips